Futuraskolan ­International School of Stockholm

Welcome to Futuraskolan ­International School of Stockholm

Futuraskolan International School of Stockholm offers an international education Grades 1–9 for families who wish their children to experience a genuine international school at an affordable cost. We admit students from the international expatriate community who have recently moved to Sweden. We accept Swedish students whose families have moved back to Sweden after attending an international school abroad and wish to continue their international education. We also accept students permanently living in Sweden who will be moving from Sweden and will have to continue their education at an international school abroad.

Futuraskolan International School of Stockholm admits students regardless of religion, ethnic or national origin, and gender to all the rights and privileges, programs and activities made available to students at the school. Futuraskolan International School of Stockholm does not discriminate on the basis of religion, ethnic or national origin or gender in our admissions or educational policies.

We welcome prospective parents to arrange a private tour of the school prior to admittance. Please contact our Registrar for an appointment. Placement shall be based upon the student’s age, his/her previous grade placement and previous school records.

Although we have a permit for Grades 1-9, we are currently operating Grades 1-6. We will add Grade 7 during the 2013-14 academic year.

In Grades 1-6 we are using the Primary Years Programme Curriculum IPC, a learning focused curriculum, designed to help the children learn to enjoy what they learn.

The IPC is designed to help children:

  • Learn the essential knowledge, skills and understanding of a broad range of curriculum subjects
  • Engage with their learning so that they remain committed to learning throughout their school careers and their lives
  • Develop the personal qualities they need to be good citizens and to respond to the changing contexts of their future lives
  • Develop a sense of their own nationality and culture at the same time as developing a profound respect for the nationalities and cultures of others

In Grades 7-9 we will be using the International Middle Years Curriculum IMYC. The curriculum provides a balanced education that will equip young people for effective participation in the modern world.

It responds specifically to the needs of middle school students by providing independence and interdependence in their learning through discrete subject learning and themes, encouraging learning that helps them make connections that are relevant to their own lives. It involves active, skills-based learning, promotes self-reflection and encourages students to use the very latest media platforms to present their learning and express their thinking.